Please support these fantastic charities

Please support these fantastic charities

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Back in England

I'm back in the UK now, and my cold weather training has started!

Running in wet and windy Wimbledon this morning really reminded me of spending 3 hours in an Indian gym on a treadmill or bike (not).

Chucked in a sneaky 6.5 miler this morning and I'm about to knock another 11 miles out in the next hour; followed by a mind-numbing 2 hours (35miles) on the turbo trainer in the glamorous basement car park of my block.  

The next 5 weeks of my life are planned like a military operation, and the only thing I'm struggling to fit in is sleep, but sleep is over-rated.  I'm so looking forward to dodging the tramps and dodgy geezers on my 5:30 am runs into the office.  At least the runs back from work are dotted around with slightly more "conventional" people!

4 weeks of full on torture to come, but I've only got myself to blame!

I'll carry on updating my training progress on a daily basis so you can all snigger under your breath if you see me!

Thank you to Clem Constantine, Jon and Jodie for their very generous donations. 

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