Please support these fantastic charities

Please support these fantastic charities

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Many thanks to Leeds United, who have managed to take my mind off the physical pain I’m suffering from training by distracting me with the mental torture of being a lifelong LUFC fan.  You couldn’t make these last few weeks up – mad even by our standards.

Back in the real world, it’s bloody freezing running across Putney Bridge at 530 in the morning, but at least I have a smug grin on my face in the office when I’m sat down, showered, with a cup of coffee having done 10 miles before everyone else drags their backsides into work :-).

Turbo trainer is now set up on the balcony of the flat so I get a view of London as I pedal away to my heart’s content.

This week I’ll cover over 100 miles running and 230 miles on the bike, still only a third of the distance I’m going to cover in March but Im feeling very fit and Im sure the next few weeks will see me setting off in good nick.

All I need now is for my football team to get themselves sorted (some hope!)

Donations have gone over the £1000 mark now so it feels like we’re making some progress.  Thanks to all who have taken the time to donate so far. Keep them coming!

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