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Please support these fantastic charities

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day Five

Day Five: 

Watch day five here:

Steve set out with a lot of determination on the morning of day five and straight into a hill! Deciding to cycle all the way to Lancaster after the scare on the previous day. Steve was going at a very good speed until half way through when his tyre blew. He changed onto the mountain bike and continued on while i went in search of someone to fix the bike (again) It was ice cold and blowing a gale so Steve found it very hard work on the mountain bike. 

I eventually got in touch with a nice guy called Scott who said he would be able to fix the bike but was currently out of town and wouldn't be back for another half an hour. He then suggested we meet half way and fix the bike at the side of the road. So 15 minutes later we were at the top of Shap hill fixing the bike in gale force winds. Thank you Scott!! 

I then drove on to find Steve - who had got much further than i had anticipated! He was freezing cold but determined to get to Lancaster. We swapped over the bikes and he continued...(ignoring my directions and briefly ending up on the M6!) he quickly found his way back to the A6 and continued. 

83.9 miles later and freezing cold Steve arrived in Lancaster very happy but exhausted. 

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