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Please support these fantastic charities

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day Four

Glasgow to Caldbeck


We were up and ready to go by 6:30. We drove back to Loch Lomond, the point that Steve has finished the previous night, ready to make up the twenty miles and cycle into Glasgow. I sent Steve on his way, straight into a large incline! I drove ten miles ahead, as is now the system and waited in a lay-by in case he got lost or needed help. I received a phone call to say he had gone 7.5 miles and had a puncture so I drove up to meet him and swap over the bikes. When I got to him he was shaking, delirious and freezing cold. When Steve asked to be taken back to the hotel to warm up I knew something was wrong as he is the most stubborn person I know. So we decided he would change into warmer clothes whilst I took the bike to be repaired. When I got back Steve was much worse, completely delirious and still shaking so we called Nhs direct. They advised us to go to A&E or a doctor and to not continue with today's leg of the challenge - to which Steve's response was "she's told me to give up, is she bloody mad". We travelled down to Caldbeck and visited a doctors surgery here, Steve saw a very nice doctor who told him he had damage from his crash on day 1, mild hypothermia and exercise induced haematuria (?!).  He is now officially too old to be doing this according to the doctor. (Obviously Steve mildly disagrees with this). She advised to not continue with the challenge but if he insisted that he must then he would have to miss out major hills. She also advised him to see a doctor about his mentality after he explained the challenge to her.
Basically this challenge is going to continue but it's going to have to be taken in a more gentle approach because of his age (doctors words not mine) Steve is not happy about this so you'll probably see him speeding down the country on his newly repaired bike!

While I left Steve to rest I travelled to Carlisle to get the bike repaired and buy some protein shake to help with muscle recovery. The guys in Halfords and Palace Cycles were really helpful and encouraging. They did everything they could to help and fitted an extra protective layer to the tyres to hopefully prevent any further punctures.

Tomorrow we are starting a fresh! 

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