Please support these fantastic charities

Please support these fantastic charities

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day Seven

#JOGLE2014 Stats

So far:

82 miles running 

355.4 miles cycling 

Day Seven:

Yesterday Steve was exhausted before he had even set off. He set off on the bike and immediately we were all lost! The directions were really complicated making it difficult for Steve to get his head down and just ride. We had various pit stops to refuel and the pace was good. The pace was particularly good when Steve had yet another puncture!! So it was back on the mountain bike until it became to dark to carry on. He covered 56 miles. Steve was in pieces after the ride but decided to attempt some running but his body would not allow him to get further than 10K. It was a particularly long day for everyone and we finally called it a day around 11pm. 

Steve: "I'm sorry but my knee has completely given up and wont take any weight at all. It finally gave up the ghost at 11pm last night as Nikki and i were finishing 10K to try and get some extra miles in. Going to plough on today on the bike. My knees are absolutley screaming at me and my shins and my head and my ankles..."

From here until Landsend Steve will attempt to complete as many miles on the bike as he can. Running is no longer an option - he can hardly walk. 

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